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PSA for anyone who's lately added me: [Jan. 4th, 2017|08:27 pm]
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(That'd be you, b7_kerravon, lexigent, and chromedragonfly. Hello!)

Because I'm over the 1,000-friend limit, I cannot add you back. This bugs me, because I have a pretty staunch follow-back policy. I'm sorry for the inconvenience; I have no idea when LJ instituted this, but it bugs me.

Also: if there's anyone who wants to unfollow this journal because I do all of my meta-posting/blogging on Tumblr and all of my fic-posting on AO3 these days, by all means, do!  And if you want to follow me on Tumblr instead, fantastic, I'll add you back over there!  Happy New Year.  I think?

(I'm currently down with the worst viral bronchitis I've had since 2000, so.)

ETA: Ah, screw it.  I unfriended and blocked enough inactive journals to knock my flist under 1,000.  That way, I can add the three of you back.