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Mystical Floating Directory (in lieu of Magic 8-Ball, etc.) [Dec. 21st, 2024|01:30 am]
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The fandoms for which you will find fic on this journal are:

good omens, sherlock, toy soldiers, hot fuzz, pacific rim,
everything is illuminated, alice in wonderland, gatsby,
pirates of the caribbean, la chanson de roland, sggk,
sleepy hollow, shawshank redemption, heroes, hamlet,
community, lotr, holes, american gods, due south, tdk,
doomsday book, neverwhere, v for vendetta, sandman,
my beautiful laundrette, star trek: reboot, star trek: tos,
avatar: tla, my own private idaho, the village, third star

Other Tags: drabbles, metablog, recs, writing memes, midnight help-desk,
mixes, through windows, wild-card endings, go exchange, yuletide,
31 drabbles of solstice, go summer prompt fills, your stewardess

AO3: irisbleufic / Tumblr: irisbleufic

go_exchange stories are listed under the Memories section of this journal.
Good Omens collabs with linnpuzzle can be found here: puzzlebleuink.

NEWS TICKER — July 2014

CoT has finally updated!  Thank you for being patient.

I've finished posting ALL of the fanfiction on this LJ to AO3.

NEW: Pacific Rim, Geiszler / Gottlieb, is now a thing here.