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if there's a place for [us] that love has kept protected

i'll be coming, i'll be coming too

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(lives between pages)
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Disclaimer: I work and play in these worlds for the love of it, never for profit.

*** ADULT CONTENT: If you aren't of age (or if you object), look elsewhere! ***

AO3: irisbleufic / Fanlore: irisbleufic / Tumblr: irisbleufic

LJ title/subtitle: If You Get There Before I Do, by Dick Allen

Art in second banner down from top © MakariaSophia

Art in fourth banner down © unicornempire

Art in fifth banner down © tankens @ tumblr

Art in first & last banners © linnpuzzle

Closest thing to testimonials I've got.

(Also: complete & utter weirdness.)

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