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BTTF Fic: Open Your Eyes - if there's a place for [us] that love has kept protected [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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BTTF Fic: Open Your Eyes [Mar. 15th, 2015|01:35 pm]
(lives between pages)

Title: Open Your Eyes
Fandom: Back to the Future (canon divergence post-Part II)
Pairing/Characters: Marty/Doc; Lorraine, George, Dave, and Linda McFly; Biff, Jo, and Tiff Tannen; Jennifer Parker; Louis Wilson; Trav; new minor OCs
Rating: Explicit [NSFW]
Word Count: 14,000 [42,800 for sequence overall]
Trigger Warnings: Encounter with medical practitioner who makes a really uncalled-for remark (read: queer individual being a jerk to an individual still figuring out his identity); older sibling being a jerk in similar fashion
Notes: This piece follows One Step Away and As Hard As Consequence.  Two people in particular, neverwhere and Hazelloop, kept asking questions; ask me the right questions, and I'll be compelled to continue the search for answers (i.e. to write more).  I am run-down, grief-stricken, and generally out-of-sorts this week, so having these stories continue to run riot as a grounding influence / focal point has been a great help.  I left AHAC on a minor cliffhanger; I'd hoped it would stand effective as a Schrödinger's-acceptance-letters type situation, but in actuality it needed resolving.  Trust the timeline with the most theoretical complications to become the one I love most.  I’ve done my best to bring a lot of the easter-egg running gags [that this universe shares with the other three parallel-yet-separate timelines and also with the films] full circle; one of them in particular is either the funniest thing that’s ever happened in one of my stories, or it’s going to outlive the N/H grapefruit dare in infamy.  Let’s find out.
Summary: I don’t want a Garden of Eden / I just want to bring you to life / If you've got a light inside, then open your eyes “Garden of Eden,” Rob Cantor

(Read it @ AO3)


Here are links to the other three parallel-timeline BTTF stand-alones for any interested parties who missed them, as I was writing and posting at breakneck speed:

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(Serious thank-yous to the intrepid, time-travel-loving folks who prompted these stories to exist.  I've never hit the first two months of any year running with this much new content in so little time, so you're all muses in the truest sense of the word.)